Championnat d’Europe 2018

The 11th European Championships were held on the 27th and 28th of October 2018 in Bordeaux, France.
After the Championships there was the European Naginata Federation Seminar which was led by Kimura Sensei, Yasui Sensei and Tokuchi Sensei from Japan.


  • 1ere place: Adeline Gvero and Carole Veyrunes (France)
  • 2eme place: Charlotte Wang and Axel Noorman (Hollande)
  • 3eme: Benoît Laurençon and Loïc Delalande (France)

Individuals men :

  • 1ème place: Tyl Dermine (Belgique)
  • 2ème place: Loïc Delalande (France)
  • 3ème place: Loïc Vargoz (France)
  • Fighting Spirit :  Ben Sacks (Israel)

Mens teams :

  • 1ère place: Hollande
  • 2eme place: France
  • 3eme place: Allemagne

Individuals Women :

  • 1ère place: Charlotte Vandersleyen (Belgique)
  • 2eme place:  Sabrina Semiao (France)
  • 3ème place: Faye Noorman (Hollande)
  • Fighting Spirit : Daniela Moroncelli (Italie)

Women Teams :

  • 1ère place: France
  • 2ème place: Hollande
  • 3éme place: Belgique